Josh Chandler

Josh Chandler serves as the director of operations for Justice. He is a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Defense with over fifteen years of experience in criminal and civil investigations, executive security, counterintelligence, close protection and covert surveillance. He has led the security and risk management programs of several world-class properties including The Grove in Los Angeles, anti-terrorism programs, as well as provided close protection security to dozens of Fortune 100 business executives, celebrity entertainers, foreign diplomats and their families for over a decade

His expertise includes  the investigation of complex child custody and support matters, personal injury and accidental death cases, AOE/COE, fraud and internet schemes, counter corporate espionage, loss prevention, executive protection, residential security program development, and the development of liability prevention & overall risk management programs.

Tyler James

Special Agents 


Tyler James serves as chief investigator and qualified manager of Justice, managing the majority of it's civil and criminal investigations,  supervising the personal protection unit, and overseeing all surveillance and intelligence operations and maritime consulting needs.

Mr. James is a decorated U.S. Navy veteran where he attained the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and the Chief Master at Arms aboard his command. His position within the Navy allowed him to gain extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, and counter-terrorism. While assigned to Combined Task Force 151/152, he participated in maritime drug trafficking and counter-proliferation missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.



On the primary investigative staff of Justice we are proud to have both men and women of whose identity we are unable to disclose due to the classified nature and secrecy of their positions.

These individuals are active Special Agents with high-profile unnamed agencies for the United States, senior current local and state law enforcement officers, and board-certified experts in the field of civil investigations, computer and digital forensics, network intrusion, penetration testing, and antiterrorism strategies.

In a world where intelligence is key and information is paramount, Justice Solutions Group has retained the best of the best in the field of gathering information, intelligence and influence when it is needed the most.