Private Investigation Services

As former members of law enforcement, we know that the police cannot be everywhere, all the time. Also, unless your case places you in imminent danger or is a high-degree felony, they are often unable to allocate the manpower to investigate it in a timely manner. If it is a civil matter between you and a business, a landlord or tenant, or a customer, the police do not take any sides, and will generally refer you to seek legal counsel.

That is where private investigators like Justice come in. We take pride in knowing that we are there for our clients 24/7, and give them peace of mind by answering their questions and providing them with solutions.

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  • Missing Persons Cases and Lost Relatives - Has a family member or relative gone missing? Has a juvenile son or daughter left home? Are you searching for a long-lost friend or associate? People lose touch for so many reasons, and Justice Solutions Group is ready to help you find them. With our expert investigators and extensive connections at local, state and federal law enforcement, we can help find those who mean the most to you.
  • Background Checks - Is the person you, a loved one or a friend met online really who they say they are? Is the person renting your apartment who they claim to be? Is the person that your son or daughter just started dating being completely honest about their history? Thorough background checks can find out important details that will give you peace of mind.
  • Asset Searches - Need to find out if a good deal is too good to be true? Before you invest, it's best to not only do a background check, but an asset check of the person(s) you are investing with to make sure that everything is accurate. Many personal relationships have financial risk, and partners can be evaluated so that there is no questions moving forward.
  • Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations - It is always unfortunate when we are asked to investigate the possibility of infidelity, however we understand both the need for information for closure and restitution, or evidence for future/pending legal proceedings. Justice is committed to treating each and every infidelity case with the utmost professionalism and giving each situation the attention it deserves.
  • Probate Services - Whether for conservatorship or guardianship, the investigators at Justice Solutions can help with all aspects of Probate, from locating persons in the US to Canada, South America, Central America,  the Philippines, Europe or anywhere around the world, to assisting with obtaining legal documents or signatures in those areas.
  • Digital Forensics - Finding out what was accessed or what was store on a computer whether it be email, websites, pornography or other information is another one of Justice Solutions' specialties. Our certified Federal investigators are experts in recovering hard drive information and can provide you with the information you need to address a number of issues with family members, employees or contractors.