Difficult Locates and Missing Persons

Private Investigators

Whether the missing person is a family member, witness, an old friend or romantic partner, Justice Solutions Group has access to intelligence that the internet (and most other investigators) do not.

Why is that?

Private investigators such as Justice Solutions Group who are professional “skip tracers” have access to databases, law enforcement records, financial data and bank account information that other investigators simply don’t bother to get. There are many times where we will accept a case where other investigators have failed, and be able to locate the individual immediately.

We have the network.

With our extensive resources in intelligence and law enforcement and network of agents all over the country and even the world, Justice Solutions Group can help find lost loved ones, friends and colleagues, witnesses, debtors

There are many reasons we need to find people. From an important business item that was left unfinished years ago, to missing family members that have been missing for some time and where the case went cold with law enforcement. Regardless of the reason, Justice Solutions Group stands ready to bring all of our resources to bear on your case.

Some of the investigative and intelligence tools we have available for locating individuals:

  • Proprietary databases (not available to the public)
  • Law enforcement records
  • Financial history
  • Recent rental history and utility history
  • Access to known associates and family members
  • Frequent flier data
  • Foreign travel databases
  • And much more


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Any missing person case that we accept becomes our priority.

Missing children, adult family members or friends are a Level 1 Priority case that we immediatly begin working on both in the field and utilizing our extensive resources in the media and law enforcement.

It is critical that if you have a missing family member: DO NOT WAIT TO CONTACT US. Time is of the essence.

We have recovered many young adults in Southern California by utilizing the following strategy:

  1. We organize field-investigators in to last-known areas for immediate canvassing and deploy resources immediately. The quicker we are in the field, the better chance we have of locating them.
  2. We utilize our connections in law enforcement to assist with providing extra investigative and search capabilities when available.
  3. We utilize social media and our network of non-profit organizations and local community groups by creating graphical missing persons posters and alerting local communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor.
  4. We immediately create a specific phone number or “Hotline” that is only for use of reporting information and tips back to our command center. This number as well as our 800 number are answered by receptionists 24/7 so no call goes unattended
  5. We create a compelling press release and utilize a professional press release agency to send the story out to hundreds of news organizations, with a link to our Justice Tipline, a 24/7 anonymous tip area on our website, which will also have a picture and bio of the missing person. Often we are able to parlay that into a local news story and possibly even get some local TV news exposure depending on the nature of the case. We also put a link and picture on our home page.
  6. At your discretion we can create Facebook and Instagram ads that are targeted in the area where the missing person was last seen. We have a professional marketing company available 24/7 to assist with this.

All of this can be up and running within 24 Hours of your first contact with us.

Unless we are dealing with another critical missing person at the time of your call other cases will be delayed for at least 24 hours while we organize the search and investigation.

If you have a critical missing person case, call us now at 800-278-9329 and advise the receptionist that this is a missing person case and that it is urgent. Receptionists are available 24/7 for all clients.


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Why people hide, and why we can find them:

People can hide for a number of reasons and some will take extreme measures to stay hidden. Unless they have a true reason to run with warrants out for their arrest and certain jail-time if they are caught however, unless they have extensive experience dropping off the grid, it usually doesn’t take long before they pop up on our radar and we can track them down. Whether it is checking into a hotel and forgetting about the hotel lobby camera or calling a friend or relative, everyone shows up eventually.

Does someone owe you money and suddenly vanished?

Is a parent in violation of their order and moved with your children?

..or do you simply want to find a childhood friend, parent or romantic interest from long ago?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Justice Solutions Group wants to help.

Our agents have the experience and the track record of locating individuals that other investigators have simply given up on. From missing young adults that have walked away from home, to hardened criminals that are on the run from authorities, no one is out of reach

Call us today for a free evaluation of your case and we’ll give you an honest evaluation.


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