Missing Persons and Locates

With our extensive resources in intelligence and law enforcement and network of agents all over the world, Justice Solutions Group can help find lost loved ones, friends and colleagues, witnesses, debtors and much more.

There are many reasons we need to find people. From an important business item that was left unfinished years ago, to missing family members that have been missing for some time and where the case went cold with law enforcement. Regardless of the reason, Justice Solutions Group stands ready to bring all of our resources to bear on your case.

Some of the most common reasons we are retained for these types of investigations are:


  • Missing Children or Adults
  • Long Lost Acquaintances
  • Extended Family Members (US and Abroad)
  • Adoptees in Search Of Their Birth Parents
  • Friends From the Military
  • Process Service for Restraining Orders or Civil Judgements


  • Former Business Partners
  • Former Shareholders
  • Former Employees
  • Business Interests / C-Suite Members
  • Skip Tracing (Debtors that are difficult to find)
  • Process Service

Pre-Litigation and Post-Litigation:

  • Witnesses in Civil And Criminal Cases
  • Victim Location
  • Defendant Locate and Service of Process

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