Digital Forensics and E-Discovery

Justice Solutions Group is among a handful of agencies that can handle all manner of digital forensics cases for individuals, companies of any size, local municipalities and Attorneys.

Our digital forensics team is led by an active Special Agent with a Federal Law Enforcement Agency that cannot be disclosed due to security requirements. This individual's primary responsibility is in the area of digital forensics and data recovery. The experience level of our team is unrivaled, and the level of technology utilized is equal to that of the Federal Government.

Currently, we are able to assist the following areas:

  • Pre or post-termination review and documentation of company-owned hard drives, including files accessed, emails sent and received, programs installed and used, and more.
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal investigations and prosecution. (We are unable to assist with defense cases in criminal proceedings at this time.)
  • Expert Witness Testimony regarding the area of digital forensics and E-Discovery.

Each case is different needs to be carefully reviewed. Please contact us regarding your case and our senior agent will review it with you and determine where and how Justice Solutions Group can help.