Asset Investigations

Asset investigations are one of the most common requests from our clients, from Attorneys seeking information prior to filing a lawsuit, to private persons, to debt and fraud investigations for companies of all sizes.

A thorough investigation can reveal many things, but the most common areas we are asked to explore are:

  • Bank Accounts, Stocks and Bonds
  • Employment Income and Retirement Income
  • Corporations and Business Partnerships
  • Real Estate Owned
  • Royalties
  • Automobiles, Boats and Aircraft
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Etc)
  • Family Members and Spouses (Including possible transfers of ownership, etc)
  • Hard inventory of a business
  • And much more

Asset investigations can be useful tools when attempting to collect debts from a private individual or company, as well as assist in the pre-litigation phase of lawsuits and divorce proceedings.

How Assets Are Hidden, And How We Discover Them

Private persons and companies have been attempting to hide assets since the inception of money itself. The main reasons for this are usually to lower the chances of losing their assets in a court-ordered judgement, the evasion of federal or state taxes, or during divorce proceedings where property and spousal support are being determined by the assets declared by either party.

Justice Solutions Group's asset investigation methodology includes looking at family members of the subject in question, as many people attempt to hide assets by transfers of real estate titles, boat, RV, and aircraft titles, and any other asset that can legally be transferred to the family member. Much of this information can be used to establish evidence that can later be used in a fraudulent transfer action.

Assets are also hidden by changes in company structure, and most corporations have to be thoroughly investigated to see if there have been any recent principal changes or board member changes in a given time period. These changes are sometimes carefully constructed to camouflage the transfer of assets, and must be looked at carefully to determine when, how and why the change occurred, as often they involve multiple steps to hide ownership and control/interest of property.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Asset Investigators

The experienced asset investigators at Justice Solutions Group know where to look and how to look for hidden assets. More than just a records search, true asset investigations take time and careful documentation. Asset investigations at our level are typically utilized in high profile cases, and can be helpful in the following areas:

  • Determining whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit
  • Identifying non-exempt assets that can be used to satisfy a judgement
  • Identifying and confirming all declared assets in a divorce or bankruptcy
  • Identifying and establishing admissible evidence that can later be used in a fraudulent action suit.

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